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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Bubba Rope Unveiling

Mobile-Tech NewsBubba Rope®, winner of the 2010 SEMA Best New Product Packaging award, and the only kinetic energy recovery rope that’s Gator-ized in the USA, is once again featured in this year’s SEMA New Product Showcase. Be sure to make it over the Bubba Rope booth (#35194) check out our new customized recovery product (especially if you are a Jeep lover).

Bubba Ropes are a new generation of kinetic energy recovery ropes (KERR). Developed from military specs, all Bubba Ropes provide superior performance, strength, and durability that far exceed typical recovery ropes, snatch straps and chains. Bubba Rope stretches and actively uses its own kinetic energy help get your stuck vehicle moving and moving fast.

  • 100% double braided nylon rope
  • Gator-ize® coating
  • Professionally spliced eyes at both ends
  • Water, UV and abrasive resistant
  • Highest breaking strengths available
  • Unique eye colors make rope sizes easily identifiable
  • A Bubba product for every recovery need

Lil’ Bubba (1/2" X 20') with a breaking strength of 7,400 is the best ATV recovery rope on the market.
The original Bubba, in two sizes (7/8" X 20' and 7/8" X 30'), with a breaking strength of 28,600 lbs. is for jeeps, SUV’s and 4x4’s. Custom made for work trucks and you mud boggers is the Big Bubba (1-1/4" X 30') with a 52,300 lb. breaking strength. Jumbo Bubba (1-1 /2" X 30') with a breaking strength of 74,000 lbs., comes to the rescue in case you get stuck in your dump truck. And last but certainly not to be denied is Extreme Bubba (2" X 30') with a breaking strength of 131,500 lbs. This serious recovery rope is ideal for heavy-duty vehicles like tractors and semi's.

Gator-ize® is added protection that is applied to all Bubba Rope designs. This process uses two types of high performance elastic polymer coatings giving the rope a durable outer skin similar to tough hide of a Florida ‘gator. The entire rope is dipped and cured in this coating, penetrating deep into the soft nylon rope fibers. Gator-izing not only helps protect Bubba Ropes from harmful UV rays, water, mud, sand and abrasion, but it also flexes allowing the rope to stretch 30%-35%.
Gator-ized in the USA, Bubba Ropes are “more than just a good ol’ mudders rope,” they outstretch flat web straps by over 100%. Bubba Ropes—your lifeline to getting back on the road. Contact: 877-499-8494 or visit www.bubbarope.com. Distributor inquiries welcome.


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