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Friday, October 20, 2017
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Introducing Bubba Rope’s New Repairable Winch Line - it may be the last winch line you’ll ever have to buy!
80' Synthetic Winch Line

Product Code: 176756X80

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80' Synthetic Winch Line

Featuring a rigid “Victory” Gator-ize® Eye or a slimmer rigid Standard Gator-ize® Eye

Winch Line by Bubba RopeThis is the most advanced synthetic winch line for steel and other synthetic winch ropes. We started with a rigid non-metal eye. Strong as steel but safer and lighter than a heavy steel thimble. We coated the entire rope in heavy Gator-ize® vinyl armor resulting in no line “fuzzing” and better protection against abrasion, sand and ultraviolet light. We color banded the winch every 10 feet so you can quickly gauge the amount of rope you have out at any time. We even included a Gator-Jaw® synthetic shackle and removable Bubba Rope Life Guard™ for added rope protection. Finally, since we hand make every winch line here in our factory why not offer to repair them too!

Read a review on the FourWheeler Network.

Suggested Winch Size: 9,000 – 10,000 lbs

100' length also available.

Price: $423.00

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Comes with a Gator-Jaw® Synthetic Shackle,
Life Guard anti-chafing cover and a Grabber.


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