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Don’t Leave Home Without Bubba

Diesel-Tech MagazineIf you drive off-road for work or play, then you shouldn’t leave home without your Bubba. Bubba Rope is not your ordinary snatch rope, but was designed from US military specs for exceptional safety and durability, making Bubba Rope perfect for pulling vehicles out of the mud, sand or snow.

Bubba Rope is made of 100 percent double-braided nylon that is actually designed as three ropes in one. The inner nylon core is braided looser to absorb more of the lower loads and the outer nylon jacket is braided tighter for higher loads. The difference is in the exterior urethane polymer base coating that Bubba Rope is dipped in. The coating provides a protective shell making it water-resistant, UV- and abrasive-resistant. In combining these three layers, Bubba Rope actually “stretches” to create kinetic energy, which helps in the pulling effort, making it a kinetic energy recovery rope.

Bubba Rope has five different diameters and strengths for all type of vehicle recoveries, including the Big Bubba, which pulls up to 52,300 pounds. Each diameter sized rope comes with Gator-ized color coded eyelets for easy identifying and additional wear protection.