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Recovery Plan - Winch, Strap, Snatch, Survive

FourWheeler There’s an old saying along the lines of there is a time and place for everything. In off-roading, that saying rings true in many ways-especially when it comes to vehicle recovery. Making sure you are using the right tools and methods to get the job done off-road will save you time and headaches, and it will be safer for everyone involved. In this issue we’ve covered many of the recovery tools and techniques to help you get out of a bind. In this article, we are focusing on when it’s best to use the two most common extraction implements—a winch and recovery strap. A recovery rope, such as the ones offered from Bubba Rope, is actually designed with snatching in mind. The Bubba Rope uses kinetic energy to actually aid in yanking the stuck rig out. These are ideal for recovering rigs stuck in the mud.