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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Bubba Rope Last?

Power Stretch Recovery Ropes are made from nylon fibers and are constructed in a double braid configuration. The longevity of the rope is going to vary on a few variables. First, the quality and quantity of the nylon used, these factors will vary greatly with ropes made here in the USA and those made overseas. For example, all Bubba Rope recovery ropes are built here in the USA to specifications that were uniquely laid out in a contract we fulfilled for the US Army. These specifications guaranteed a certain amount of quality and quantity of materials had to be used in the construction of our recovery ropes.  Another factor for longevity is how many times the rope is used to pull within its rated weight class.  For the US Army we were required to cycle test a certain number of ropes on a test bed for 200 pulls at the rope’s rated weight class.   To understand what weight class your rope is rated for divide the breaking strength of the rope by 3.5 or 4 times. That number will tell you the maximum weight of the vehicle the rope is rated for.  If the rope is always used in its weight class, the number of pulls is almost unlimited. However, when the rope is used above its weight class that pull will shorten the life of the rope. Finally, there are other factors that can degrade nylon ropes like sun, water and abrasion, all of shorten the life a nylon rope. Bubba Ropes have a vinyl coating which help resist with those aging effects.