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  1. UTV/SXS Recovery Gear Set

    UTV/SXS Recovery Gear Set


    Premium Off-Road Recovery Gear Set for UTVs /SXS

    Includes a Power Stretch® Recovery Rope, 2 NexGen Gator-Jaw® synthetic shackles and a lightweight mesh duffle bag. Weighing only 3 lbs. this mighty little USA Made recovery gear set has everything you need for a faster, smarter, safer way to get your UTV/SXS unstuck.

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  2. 3/8" NexGen PRO Gator-Jaw® Synthetic Shackle

    3/8" NexGen PRO Gator-Jaw® Synthetic Shackle


    The NexGen PRO Gator-Jaw® synthetic shackle is made from 3/8" HMPE diameter synthetic rope. It has a rated breaking strength of 47,000 lbs.

    A flexible tough epoxy rubber slider slips over a patented designed knot making a strong closed connector.

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  3. Rock-n-Roll Recovery Kit Bag

    Rock-n-Roll Recovery Kit Bag

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    $10 Off While Supplies Last!

    The Rock-n-Roll Recovery Kit bag is an awesome solution for having all of your vehicle recovery gear easily accessible while you’re out on the trail. The recovery kit bag is made from durable trail-mesh, easy to wash off when your adventure is done. The bag rolls up and conveniently stores with all your gear inside until your next off-road adventure. Our quality kit bag is proudly made in the USA by the great team at Spiderweb Shade.

    • 26" wide x 17" tall
    • 2 lbs.
    • Comes with bungee cord and an orange Velcro strap.
    • Logo color available in Green, Red or Blue

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