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An Incredible Vehicle Recovery Rope

Mud Life MagazineWe’ve all been there, having a great day of off-road fun ripping through deep mud pits like butter. Feeling unstoppable, you decided to take on that one part of the hole that everyone else has been avoiding all day. You know, it’s deep, but who cares? You have plenty of friends around and you just received the new Bubba Rope you ordered online. Slowly you creep in muck, and right when you think you’ve made it through you just sink in. Water begins to pour in the windows and the tires are just spinning. You’re now buried door-deep without any shot at driving out. So you pull out your trusty new recovery rope!

If you drive where there is mud, sand, or snow then you need a Bubba Rope. It’s a tougher kind of recovery rope, developed to military specs for safely pulling off-road vehicles out of any situation, and it’s the only snatch rope with a polymer coating. Bubba Rope provides excellent performance, strength, and durability that goes beyond typical recovery ropes, snatch, straps, and chains (don’t use chains for recovery-they snap). It stretches and actively uses its own kinetic energy to help get your stuck vehicle moving.

Bubba Rope is actually three ropes in one: an inner nylon core braided looser to absorb more of the lower loads, an outer nylon jacket braided tighter for higher loads, and then the whole rope is dipped in a polymetric base to give it a protective shell. This rope is strong! It can easily pull a full-size truck out of the thickest muck. The Bubba Rope comes with a mesh duffle bag for easy storage and is available in many sizes and thicknesses.

The high-quality Bubba Rope should provide many years of dependable and safe recovery. Keep the rope clean when not in use to make it easier and friendlier to use on future recoveries.

The rope comes with two D-rings. When using the rope and the D-rings, safety should always be your priority. We can’t stress this enough. Attach them to a safe and secure location that won’t rip off the vehicle and kill someone.

If your vehicle is stuck in mud, sand, snow, or some kind of other gooey stuff, Bubba Rope is a great recovery tool. Make sure you get everyone out of the vehicle before recovery begins and that the rope is attached to safe and secure points on both rigs.

Find a safe and suitable place to attach your Bubba Rope, like this pintle hook. The recovery points should be an extremely strong part of the vehicle. The points should be securely mounted to a rig with the proper fasteners (bolts) or welded on, or use the tow hitch recovery hook.

If you are running deep mud or terrain that you know you’re going to get stuck in, attach the ropes to the vehicles first. An already attached rope should keep you from sinking in hip- or chest-deep in mud.

Warning: Do not attach any recovery rope to a bumper, especially one that’s been bolted on at the factory. They rip off! We know it sounds like a really good idea in a tight spot, but it's not worth the risk. Attaching the rope to a hitch ball isn’t the greatest recovery point either; the rope will just slip off.

The Bubba Rope works using kinetic energy. With both drivers in the vehicle, start with some slack in the rope and hammer the accelerator pedal. The rope will stretch rather than snap like chain or cable, making recovery much safer.

Once you’re out, celebrate your success by high-fiving, chest bumping, exchanging large sums of money, or any other way y’all want to express your gratitude for getting unstuck.