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Bubba Rope

Petersens HuntingYes, we know this “technique” requires calling a friend, but sometimes you have to suck up the ego and ask for help. Bubba Rope comes in several varieties from a lil’ Bubba (1/2" x 20', breaking strength of 7,400 pounds) ideal for light applications like ATV and UTV recovery to the monster Extreme Bubba (2" x 30', breaking strength of 131,500 pounds) in case you need to free a tractor, semitruck, or move your mobile home. We tested the standard Bubba (7/8" x 20', breaking strength of 28,600 pounds) and found it ideal for Jeeps, pickups, and SUVs.

Ok, I can hear you thinking now. “It’s a rope. What makes it so special?” Well, several things, actually. It is durable, double-braided nylon rope coated with urethane polymer to resist water, mud, snow, UV light, as well as abrasions. It also stretches, acting almost like a bungee cord, which reduces the shock imparted on stuck vehicles as well as using the stored kinetic energy to help recover vehicles. All the end loops are commercial splices and come in a wide variety of colors. Bubba Rope comes in a heavy-duty nylon bag to keep the inside of your vehicle clean and organized when not in use.