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Tips for Off-Roaders

Bubba Recovery Gear’s off-road wisdom tid-bits are here to help y’all have safe and totally awesome off-road adventures. We dun gathered up some of the most experienced and knowledgeable good o’l bubba’s and bubbettes from the industry and picked their brains on subjects like safety, destinations, events, wheels/tires, mudder road rules and more! Y’all have some off-road wisdom to share? E-mail ‘em to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Big Don Ellison

Don Ellison, known to his fans, friends and family as ‘BIG DON’, was born and raised in Dallas Texas. He started his announcing career In 1999 as a weekend race announcer for the Texas Outlaw Pro Modified Association (TOPMA). BIG DON has handled various announcing assignments over the years, including several years as the voice of TOPMA and the voice and video host of Pro Tree Productions Outlaw Drag Racing videos. In 2001 it was time to make the jump from being a weekend announcer to becoming a real motors ports broadcaster. BIG DON was given his own radio show on Dallas top talk radio station KLLI 105.3 FM. The “EXTREME RACING LNE” show was the FIRST weekly motorsports radio show in Dallas dedicated to Outlaw Drag Racing. With The show gaining popularity and doing very well, the CBS Radio-owned KLLI 105.3 made a format change and faced with what looked like the end of his weekly radio show, BIG DON saw this as the opportunity to take the show to a much larger audience, with the choice being satellite radio or the world wide web. BIG DON started the RACETALK NETWORK and launched his own online radio show in 2007. By being on the internet, the show had a true worldwide audience and the OUTLAW RACING LIVE show was born.

Staying true to his drag racing past, BIG DON began covering outlaw drag racing events across the southwest and broadcasting the action LIVE over the RACE TALK NETWORK. After several years of covering only drag races, in 2009 BIG DON started RACETALK MAGAZINE and began covering other types of motorsports for the magazine which also rolled over to the radio show. It was then that he realized maybe he had a new passion: "MUD RACING". During the 2009-2010 off season, BIG DON started the US Outlaw Mud Racing Association (USOMRA) and started construction on his own Mud Racing facility to be located in Canton Texas.

BIG DON’s MUDDERsports Park features side by side mud drag racing, a mud bog pit, a “Mudda-Cross” track for ATVs and a mini quad track. With a new found passion BIG DON turned his full attention to MUD RACING for the 2010 racing season. With a full schedule at MUDDERsports Park, BIG DON continued to announce and promote other events as well. Along with the 2011 racing season came a new passion for him: the thought of a National TV show. So BIG DON moved on to the next project, which is the development of a weekly TV show dedicated to MUD MOTORsports, all while staying focused on continuing to build the RACETALK brand. 

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Creek Stewart

Creek StewartMy name is Creek Stewart. I founded Willow Haven Outdoor. My philosophy at Willow Haven Outdoor is very simple. Create something amazing and people will come. I’ve studied and practiced survival from a young age. My experience comes from 1000’s of hours in the field practicing the skills I teach. I teach from experience, not books. I am a student of survival and self-reliance myself. I don’t claim to know everything. I am constantly learning – a necessary quality of any worthy teacher. Willow Haven Outdoor is the culmination of the last 12 years of my professional life. All of my life experiences in survival, business, and customer service have led me to this point. Willow Haven is one of the most unique Survival Facilities in the world and I look forward to training with you here in the near future. Soon after I published my 1st Survival Manual, I conducted my first Survival Clinic at the age of 21. 15 Years later, I now own a fully functional Survival Training Facility – Willow Haven Outdoor. Our 10,000 sq. ft. Willow Haven Lodge sits on an amazing 21 acres in Central Indiana. Whether you are new to the idea of studying survival or have years of experience, there is a place for you here at Willow Haven. Browse our course offerings and make a plan to invest in yourself and your family this year at one of the premier Survival Schools in the world – Willow Haven Outdoor. Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN, Creek. Click here to visit the Willow Haven Outdoor website.

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Tom Severin

Tom SeverinTom Severin is an International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association© certified professional 4WD Trainer and a Wilderness First Responder (WFR). He is a instructor for the United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA) and the California Association of 4WD Clubs. As a former Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer for the State of Pennsylvania, his duties included law enforcement activities, game stocking; public relations and speaking; hunter education; landowner relations; small animal complaints and highway-killed deer retrieval.

He has an extensive background (forty plus years experience) with four-wheel drive vehicles, on and off road, in various conditions and countries. He imported a Jeep while living in England and used it on vacation in France.

Tom is a graduate of Purdue University and a recognized expert in shared service accounting management and management information systems. Tom is an accomplished leader with a comprehensive background directing global support centers processing high volume transactions and high volumes of customer interactions. He was a presenter for the 1996 International Conference on the Study of Work Teams and was a frequent speaker on self-directed work team concepts.

Tom Severin is President of Badlands Off-Road Adventures. Badlands Off-Road Adventures offers 4WD training and 4WD guided tours specializing in Four Wheel Drive vehicles. The company has trained hundreds of students, including the Orange County (CA) Sheriff's Department, the Gas Company, the National Park Service, and the US Marine Corps. Badlands Off-Road Adventures strives to provide instruction in a friendly, casual, non-judgmental environment. Non-lethal mistakes are encouraged as a way to learn under the watchful eyes of the instructor. Click here to visit the Off Road Adventures, Inc. website.

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Willie Worthy

Willie is best known for his nearly 40 years of working as a contributing editor for FOUR WHEELER Magazine as well as his “Tech Line” and “Willie’s Work Bench” columns. He has written for publications such as Traveling 4x4’s, 4Wheel & Off Road, Hot Truck, Sport Truck, 4x4 Power, Off Road, 3-Wheeling and others. He has also updated, expanded and revised the original THE JEEP BIBLE, which is still in print after 20+ years. He has over 1700 published articles to his name.

Worthy is an avid off-road enthusiast and along with his wife, Jeanne has turned their knowledge of the trails and the related history into a very successful book, "4x4 ROUTES OF WESTERN MONTANA."  Read more about Willie’s adventures at

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